The Sound Postcard of Preddvor

Danube Guide: Ernesta Koprivc
Organizer Dunabe guide: Ernesta Koprivc
Guide: Boštjan Perovšek (sound space designer)

+386 40 669 964

from 3 to 7 persons
Duration: 5h/day (1 or 2 days)
1 day:
3-4 persons: 63,90 EUR / pp
5-7 persons: 52,20 EUR / pp
2 days:
3-4 persons: 117,90 EUR / pp
5-7 persons: 97,90 EUR / pp

Slovenian, English, Croatian

Dvorski trg
4205 Preddvor

A unique experience of discovering the beauties of Preddvor through sound. Upon completion of the walk, you will receive a link to the Sound Postcard of Preddvor, whose sounds will re-awaken the memories of an unforgettable and unique experience in the heart of Preddvor’s natural world for you.

Rekreatur de Slovenie

Max. 150
Duration: 5 Locations each 4 days
450€ p.p

Slovenian, English, Croatian
 The tour will only take place on the selected date on locations 1 – 5. Applications will be possible from 1.1.2022 onwards.

meet point:

1.) Obala 2c, 6320 Portorož, Slovenija;(Hotel Vile), Bernardin resort
2.) CampMenina, Varpolje, Slovenija;
3.) Šport hotel Otočec, Otočec, Slovenija; (Sport hotel Otocec)
4.) Hotel&Glamping Ribno, Bled, Slovenija;
5.) Zdravilišče Radenci, Radenci, Slovenija; (Health resort Radenci)

Formula ONE for recreational cyclist that in one hand offers a touch of a stage cycling race and pure fun while cycling it.

Tour Preddvor

Duration: 2,5 hours
Individuals (1-5 people): 30 EUR
from 5 to 15 people: 5 EUR / person
over 15 people: 4 EUR / person

No VAT applicable.

Slovenian, English

meet point:

Dvorski trg 3, 4205 Preddvor

The stories of four castles tell the past of our place. You will hear of great personalities who have left an indelible mark on the Slovenian environment and discover unknown wetland with its wild biodiversity and natural water springs.

Visit a beekeeper

Max. 50
Duration: 1,5 hours
for the price please contact Ernesta.

Slovenian, English

meet point:

Dvorski trg 3, 4205 Preddvor

Slovenian beekeeping has a venerable tradition, and Slovenian honey ranks among the best in the world in quality. You may choose from different activities within this offer.

ReTOUR Gorenska

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
 Package price: 580,00 EUR /person (at minimum 4 persons) NOTICE: if there are more than 4 persons package price is lover / a special offer will be prepared for you

The price includes:
– half board (2 or 4 bed rooms in the Old Mayr restaurant)
– stops with a snack (2 stops / day / trail);
– entrance fees and guided sightseeing trips on the route
– guiding and insuring the trip

Slovenian, English
Cycling difficulty: medium, you will be cycling around 80 km a day
Minimum number of persons: 4
1. Free day program
1.1 guided tour of Kranj / 38,00 EUR / person
1.2 guided tour of Ljubljana / EUR 85.00 / person
(2 hours view, carriage with an old vehicle, coffee with dessert in old Ljubljana)
2. rental of trekking bikes / 15,00 EUR / person / day
3. Electric bike – bike pedal / 30,00 EUR / person /day

meet point:
Srednje Bitnje 99, 4209 Žabnica

The most beautiful sights to see on a bicycle in 5 days and on about 400 km route. The nature, old town centers, rich cultural and technical heritage, local cuisine and top views.

Sava Tour

Duration: Write or call Andrej.
 Write or call Andrej. The price depends on the number of participants.

Slovenian, English
The beginning is at the Zelenci spring near Kranjska gora, and the end is at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube near Belgrade. The route goes along the Sava River all the time and is mostly flat.

meet point:
Srednje Bitnje 99, 4209 Žabnica

More than 850 km long route of the 8 days tour stretches through 4 countries through which the river Sava flows: SI, HR, BA and RS. This tour is perfect for nature and cycling lovers with a sense of adventure.