With the Druid along the Danube infiltration, sinkholes

Max. 20 participans
Duration: ca. 1,5 hours
12€ per person // depending on the group size between 6€ and 10€ per person

German, English, French
Further guided tours:
• Guided Walk and Meditation in the woods
• Guided hiking tour: feeling the elements and helpful use
• Guided tour around the volcano Höwenegg

Meeting point:
Nina’s essArt
78194 Immendingen

Danube Sinkhole. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Celts. Druid Dagita takes you on a journey to mystical thought. Let yourself be inspired by natural-spiritual contexts, geological conditions and (non-)scientific derivations.

Engen and the danube

Max. 40 participans
Duration: ca. 1,5-2 hours
60 € group price (up to 25 persons – each additional person 3 €)

German, French, Italian, English

Meeting point:
Marktpl. 4-3
78234 Engen

Classical guided tour through the old town of Engen with hints on the emergence places of the percolated Danube water in Engen and surroundings.

Awakening your Qi at the Danube

Max. 15 participans
Duration: ca. 1 hour
8€ per person

German, English

Meeting point:
Parking spot “Am Schwedengrab”
78570 Mühlheim an der Donau

Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises at the Danube.